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Hello all,

In this blog I’ll post some of my photos. I started photographing 3 years ago, during a trip to Argentina. It took me a while before I’ve realized what I like most to photograph – the illusive moments in the street, that will never come back (or in Cartier-Bresson’s words – the decisive moment).

I mostly photograph in Tel-Aviv (AKA “the city that never go to sleep”), where I can find various characters when ever I visit.

In the last few weeks, I’m studying a documentary photography course. When it ends, I need to present a series of 12-30 photos in a specific subject. We were offered a few subjects, and I chose “Urbanism and the human factor”. I have free time during the evenings and that is the reason why I chose to photograph at nights.

In the project, I use D90 and a 24 mm f/2.8 prime lens. No flash is used (I don’t like it).

One of the decisions that I need to take, is whether to take color photos or convert them to B\W. I guess that I’ll decide that in the future. Mean while, I’ll present two of the photos I took both in color and in B\W.



And another one:



What do you think about the post? :)

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