The Café

Saturday evening (not Saturday night :)). It was a cold autumn night. In a few hours another tiring work week will begin.It was a huge dilemma, whether to go out and photograph, but finally I’ve decided to go. I didn’t regret it. It was freezing, my nose was dripping, but I enjoyed every second of it.

I went to Rothschild Av. (a location that I’m going to visit a few more times in the coming days). It’s a very nice and welcoming avenue, with many trees and playgrounds for small children. The avenue was the focal point of the social protest during the last summer. Today, there’s no sign of it, and the avenue is just the same as it was before the protest. Many pedestrians and bicycle riders were going from here to there, passing by the small café. Some decided to sit by the small wooden tables. The cold didn’t bother them, I don’t know how. I was wrapping in my coat, blessing the fleece scarf and hat that I was wearing. Maybe the warmth of the café shielded them from the cold. I’ll never know. I could hear them talking and laughing, enjoying the last hours of the weekend. It was nice to hear those sounds. It felt sane.

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