Calling Home

The central bus station area in Tel-Aviv is populated by foreign workers because of the cheap accommodation in that area. One can find there citizens of various countries from African ans Asia.
Along the main street stores that serve the needs of the population were opened, including grocery stores that sell products that were imported from the countries of the inhabitants, and stores that sell communication services, such as internet and ways to call home, when feeling home sick.
There was always illegal activity in that area (such as illegal drugs trade and prostitution) even before the it was populated by foreign workers, but unfortunately, since the change of the population, the amount of it has grown, although many children live there with their parents. I guess that the change has happened because some of the residents are illegal aliens and they are afraid to file a complaint and because the police is not that happy to get in there and impose order. Due to the situation, the central bus station area has earned the nickname “the back yard of Tel Aviv”.

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      later on, when i reviewed the photo at home, i wished that the post was located a bit differently.

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