Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

This week’s challenge is: big.
The following photo was taken during a trip to Argentina, in the Iguazo falls.

You can click on the photo and press F11 in order to see it on a full screen.

Click the photo and press F11 in order to view it on a full screen

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47 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

  1. Beautiful!!! It’s so big, I almost missed seeing the people in the photo viewing the falls. This is simply beautiful. Great shot! Perfect interpretation of the challenge.

    1. do it, and visit it more than once. i visited it twice, and in each time the falls looked different.

  2. Oh yes perfect image for this weeks theme, must be a fantastic place to visit and photograph!

    1. well, i wasn’t the first. i don’t know the exact number of visitors in the iguazo falls, but i know that this number is high.

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