The market in the old city of Acre

Two weeks ago, I meet some of my friends in the old city of Acre. It was raining that day, there was a lot of wind and the sky was full of clouds, which gave it a dramatic look. In short – a perfect scenery for shooting some photos (as you can see here and here)…  😉
The Muslim inhabitants of the city celebrated Eid al Adha (a holiday that “honors the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his first born son* as an act of submission to God’s command”. The quotation and additional details can be found here) on that day, and many of them were supposed to come to the market to feast, but the weather made them stay at home. Despite this, the market wasn’t totally empty and I photographed a little bit. In a way, it was easier to photo in an (almost) empty market.

* The Muslim refer to Ishmael as the son that Abraham had to sacrifice, although the Bible says that Issac was the first born son, who was (almost) sacrificed to God.

Click the photos and then press F11 to see them on a full screen.




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